Industrial Nucleonics (IN) & AccuRay History



AccuRay Model R and S Gauging Systems

The AccuRay Model R was IN's first standard beta gauge system
for all sheet and web applications.

The AccuRay Model R system was first designed in 1952
with shipments throughout the 1950s.*

1952 Model R marketing brochure for paper applications

1952 Model R marketing brochure for rubber and plastic applications

1953 Model R specification document

Photos of Model R production, engineering, final test and equipment


AccuRay Model S

Quoting the 1954 IN data sheet "to meet the demand for a beta gauge
to serve processes where economics do not justify an
expenditure for AccuRay [Series R] equipment, IN is introducing
to the industry a new gauge to be known as the Model S."
In 1954, the Model S with frame, source & recorder was priced less than $5,000.

Model S data sheet and photo of Model S with frame and recorder


* in 1963, this writer joined IN and my first solo service call was on a Model R
installed in a paper plant in Florida. The Model R was fully operational
and the backscatter scanner needed only minor repair. Clearly the Model R
was designed to operate for many years in harsh conditions.



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