Industrial Nucleonics (IN) & AccuRay History


AccuRay Marketing Brochures

Pulp & Paper magazine article from April 1970
about Riegel Paper's startup of a new AccuRay system coupled to with an IBM 1800 computer

AccuRay 1180 Micro paper measurement and control system
developed in the late 1970s and expanded in the 1980s
with Micro/Manager 800 for total paper millwide management

AccuRay/Kamyr 4200 Continuous Digester Control System
developed for pulp plants in the late 1970s

AccuRay 500 Micro
developed for cold roll steel plants in the late 1970s

AccuRay 510 Micro
developed for weld steel tube mill control in the late 1970s

AccuRay's Business Philosophy
from 1977, presented in this 30 page booklet

AccuRay's "Our Business is making your business better"
1979 brochure covering all products and applications



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